Qingdao CMEF Exhibition(OCT. 19~22,2019)

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In October, there are elites from all over the world gathered on the coast of the Bohai -Qingdao. In the witness of all of you, the 82nd China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF Autumn 2019 ) with the theme of "intelligent reconstruction of the future" open in Qingdao World Expo City!

After the opening of CMEF exhibition, everyone of Duling welcomes all friends with smile and service. Customers from all over the world appear in the exhibition who are full of the booth. Confronting the consultation of refrigerators, professional sales explain  for customers patiently. The exhibition hall of Zhongke Duling has become a beautiful scenery.

Some new products are on display in this exhibition:deep freezer MDF-40V528, MDF-150H128 and MDF-25V368RF, as soon as the exhibits are displayed, they have attracted the attention of all the people, won the concerted attention of customers at home and abroad, and obtained a large number of orders for the company. In addition, as a representative of our products MDF-86V408 is also well-loved, and even some customers come to us and get high praise.

Through this exhibition, our products have entered the eyes of more customers, so that customers can have contact with our products closely, and have a new understanding of the products. More and more people know our company, our products and our brand and gain the extensive trust of customers

This exhibition has closed the distance and built a bridge between us and our customers, won a lot of orders for the company, and promoted the development of the company.

The Group Photo in front of the Booth

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Qingdao CMEF Exhibition(OCT. 19~22,2019)

The 82nd China International Medical Equipment Fair(CMEF Autumn 2019)

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