Arab Lab exhibition (March 12 – 14, 2019)

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March 12~14, 2019

As an important part of the Arab International Medical Equipment Exhibition, this exhibition attracted 35,000 visitors from 46 countries. Exhibitors have brought lots of world-class laboratory/medical equipment through the exhibition platform. MEDLAB has become the leading exhibition in the laboratory/medical equipment in the Middle East, attracting more than 15% audiences of the Arab International Medical Equipment Exhibition.

During the exhibition, clients showed great interests in the new functions about ULT Freezers and had discussed a lot about cooperation with us. Duling's dual system ULT freezers and mobile cooler have been highly recognized by the participated clients.

Through this exhibition, more and more customers have known our products and given a high degree of recognition. In addition,our company also has received lots of intended orders, it’s our honer to bring the high-quality products to customers to achieve win-win situation.

This exhibition helps our company go to the world, more people can know our company and brand. This exhibition strengthens the connection between our customers and our company, increases the international influence of our company and promote the cooperation between customers and Duling.

The group photo in front of the Exhibition.

The Booth of Duling

Clients show great interests in our refrigerators.

Overseas manager explained products to customers.

Clients and overseas manager.

Arab Lab exhibition (March 12 – 14, 2019)

Trade show for Analytical and Robotic Laboratory Instrumentation

Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Center.

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