To store blood platelet (20℃~24℃), biological reagent (2℃~40℃), chemical products stored at 2℃~40℃

Suitable for hospitals, blood stations, research institutes and university labs.


SUS oscillator, mirror surface SUS shelves, box foamed with high density non-CFC material, reasonable design of air duct in the cabinet, axial flow fan makes inner temperature more uniformity with accurate temperature control

  Security system

Imported oscillation slide rail for longevity and low noise

High/low temperature alarm, sensor error alarm, power failure low battery alarm,

Two alarm styles: audible buzzing and visual flashing light


Disinfection with UV, set disinfection time freely, UV light would be off while door open, to protect human body

Temperature printer can be set as needed

Wide voltage from 187V~ 242V

Power on/off switch, more convenient for operation

Double transparent insulated glass door for easy observation

Big digital display for easy observation

  Temperature control mode

High accuracy sensor

Microprocessor temperature control, inner temperature controlled in 22℃ ± 2℃

Intelligent controlled fan with forced cycle system to ensure inner temperature more uniform

  Refrigeration system

Branded condenser fan

Branded compressor with CFC-free refrigerant

High efficiency refrigeration system, fast cooling speed and uniformity temperature inside

Branded evaporator for safety and longevity

Finned evaporator to speed up the cooling process


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platelet incubator
Model MDC-5
Specificaitons Shelf/drawer QTY Drawer
Cooling method Forced air cooling
Defrost No frost
Refrigerant R134a
Power consumption(kWh/24h) 2.69
Noisedb) 49
Ambient temperature(℃) 10~32℃
Temperature range(℃) 20~24℃
Cooling system Compressor brand/QTY Embraco/1
Sensor NTC
Temperature controller Microprocessor
Display Digital display
Power Voltage/frequencyV/Hz) 220/50Hz
PowerW) 197W
CurrentA) 0.9
Material Inside material SUS
Outside material Colored Spray Steel
Insulation PU
Size CapacityL/cu.ft) 5
Bloodbags(450ml)/Drawer 10 /5 layers
Load Qty(20'/40'/40H)
NT./GT.kg) 60/65
Exterior size(W*D*H)(mm) 522×600×1050
Interior size(W*D*H)(mm) 427×360×467
Package size(W*D*H)(mm) 585*700*1205
Alarm System High/low temperature Y
Power failure Y
Sensor malfunction Y
Low baterry Y
Door ajar Y
Caster Y
Outer door / Type 1(Foamed glass door)
Test hole Optional
Light UV Light
Temperature recorder Optional
Others Certification ISO,9001,13485,14


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Anhui Zhongke Duling Commercial Appliance Co., Ltd, is a joint venture founded by the Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry of CAS and Zhongdu Science and Technology Co., Ltd. We are a high-tech enterprise which specializes in designing and developing medical freezers including ultra-low temperature freezers, deep freezers, blood platelet incubators and custom-made medical freezers.

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