Took Part in Taihu (Mashan) Life Science and Healthcare Forum (April 12~14,2019).

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Took Part in Taihu (Mashan) Life Science and Healthcare Forum in Wuxi, China


On April 12~14, 2019, Anhui Zhongke Duling Commercial Appliance Co., Ltd. took part in TAIHU (MASHAN) LIFE SCIENCE AND HEALTHCARE FORUM in Wuxi, China. About this exhibition, the mobile cooler, ultra low temperature freezer MDF-86V408 and the pharmacy refrigerator: MPC-5V316 are in people’s field of vision.

During the exhibition, customers showed great interest in the products of our company. In terms of superior quality and excellent appearance, mobile cooler, ultra-low temperature which applies for cascade system were highly recognized by customers about this exhibition, and some products even received intentional orders.

This exhibition, in addition to minister of marketing and salesman, minister of after-sales and minister of research and development also came to the exhibition to provide technical guidance and answer product knowledge for customers, and also introduced the after-sales service of products in detail, so that customers can be more reassuring when buying our products.

This exhibition strengthens the connection between our customers and our company, heightens the enthusiasm of customers, wins the trust of customers, promotes cooperation between each other, and also brings some economic effects to us.

The gate of the exhibition

The group photo in front of the Booth.

Customers have shown keen interest in our products.

The mobile cooler

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