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Look-- CMEF Shanghai, China 2019

As China's political and economic center, Shanghai hosted the CMEF exhibition this spring(MAY 14~17). The exhibition with "intelligent refactoring future" as the theme, covers an area of 220000 , attracted from 36 countries and regions, 4300 + brand enterprise, 22 national pavilion, more than 30 domestic pavilion, and there are 61 academic conference.

During the exhibition, our dual system ULT freezer is still the focus of our customers. And customers have a strong interest in our blood bank refrigerator and mobile cooler,and had discussed a lot about cooperation with us.

Participating in this international exhibition has made our brand and products known to more and more people in the world. In addition, our company also has received lots of intended orders, predicting the specialization of our brand, the internationalization of products is more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

The exhibition provided a bridge for friendly cooperation between the our company and customers, which provided a boost for our company's brand to become an international brand.

The group photo in front of the booth

Overseas manager explained products to customers.

Customers and overseas sales

CMEF exhibition (May 14 – 17, 2019)

China International Medical Equipment Fair

Shanghai Hongqiao International Convention & Exhibition Center

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